Annona Spraguei


Genus : Annona

Introduce the captivating Annona Spraguei Fruit Plant to your garden and experience its exotic marvels. Known for its delectable tropical fruits, this plant will amaze your taste buds with its unique flavors. Enjoy the beauty and flavor of Annona Spraguei in your own backyard.

Annona spraguei, also known as the corkwood Annona or saramuyo, is a small fruit tree or shrub that is native to the Caribbean islands and parts of Central and South America. The plant is named after the American botanist, Charles Sprague Sargent.

The tree can grow up to 10-15 feet tall and has a bushy appearance with thick, corky bark. The leaves are simple, alternate, and oblong in shape, with a glossy green color on the upper surface and a lighter green color on the underside. The flowers are small, greenish-yellow, and appear in clusters.

The fruit of Annona spraguei is typically oblong, 2-3 inches long, and has a yellow-green color with a rough, spiky texture on the surface. The flesh of the fruit is white, juicy, and sweet with a pleasant aroma. The fruit is edible, and it is commonly consumed fresh, although it can also be used in jams and other culinary preparations.

Annona spraguei is known for its hardiness and ability to grow in a variety of soils, including poor or rocky soils. It prefers warm temperatures and a humid environment, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical regions.

In addition to its fruit, Annona spraguei is also valued for its timber, which is durable, resistant to termites, and has a distinct texture that makes it suitable for decorative purposes.

Overall, Annona spraguei is a versatile plant that has both practical and ornamental uses and is an interesting addition to any tropical or subtropical garden.


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