Siaam Garnet Water Lily

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Enhance your pond with the Siaam Garnet Water Lily’s stunning red blooms. Easy to grow and perfect for any water garden, it adds vibrant beauty to your space.

The Siaam Garnet Water Lily is a captivating addition to any water garden, showcasing deep red blooms that create a striking contrast against its lush green foliage. This hardy water lily is renowned for its rich, garnet-colored flowers that bloom profusely from late spring to early autumn. Each bloom features multiple layers of petals, giving it a full, rounded appearance that adds a touch of elegance to your pond.

Perfect for both small and large ponds, the Siaam Garnet Water Lily thrives in full sun and prefers calm, still waters. Its vigorous growth and abundant flowering make it an ideal choice for gardeners looking to enhance their aquatic landscapes. This water lily not only adds beauty to your pond but also promotes a healthy aquatic environment by providing shade and habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.

The Siaam Garnet Water Lily is easy to maintain, making it suitable for novice and experienced gardeners alike. Its large, floating leaves help to reduce algae growth by shading the water, contributing to a balanced and healthy pond ecosystem. Whether you’re creating a tranquil garden retreat or adding a splash of color to your water feature, the Siaam Garnet Water Lily is an excellent choice.


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