Sarannlarp Water Lily

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Enhance your pond with the elegant Sarannlarp Water Lily. Easy to grow, it offers stunning blooms from spring to fall. Perfect for any water garden.

The Sarannlarp Water Lily is a stunning aquatic plant that brings elegance and charm to any water garden or pond. Known for its large, vibrant flowers, the Sarannlarp Water Lily blooms in a variety of captivating colors, including shades of pink, purple, and white. These beautiful flowers sit atop broad, glossy green leaves that float gracefully on the water’s surface, creating a picturesque scene. This hardy water lily blooms from late spring through early fall, offering a prolonged display of its exquisite flowers. The Sarannlarp Water Lily thrives in full sun and prefers still or gently moving water, making it an excellent choice for ponds, water gardens, and large aquatic containers. It is relatively easy to plant and maintain, suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Additionally, the Sarannlarp Water Lily attracts pollinators and provides a habitat for aquatic wildlife, contributing to the ecological balance of your garden. Add the Sarannlarp Water Lily to your water garden to enjoy its long-lasting beauty and serene presence.


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