Rattana Ubol Water Lily

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Enhance your pond with the Rattana Ubol water lily’s elegant white and pink blooms. Easy to grow and perfect for any water garden.

The Rattana Ubol water lily is a stunning aquatic plant that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any pond or water garden. Known for its spectacular and fragrant blooms, this water lily features large, creamy white flowers with a delicate hint of pink, making it a standout in any water landscape. The blossoms open wide during the day, revealing golden-yellow centers that attract pollinators and create a breathtaking display. The Rattana Ubol water lily is celebrated for its long blooming season, providing continuous color and beauty from late spring through early fall. Its broad, round leaves float serenely on the water’s surface, providing shade and habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures. This hardy water lily thrives in full sun and prefers still or slow-moving water, making it an ideal choice for ponds, water gardens, and large containers. Easy to plant and maintain, the Rattana Ubol water lily is perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, enhancing any aquatic setting with its graceful presence and charming blooms.


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