St Louis Gold


Genus : Lilies

“Enhance your water garden with the enchanting St. Louis Gold Water Lily Plants. Known for their majestic and radiant beauty, these plants will add a touch of grandeur to your aquatic oasis. Create a captivating and serene atmosphere at home.”

The “St. Louis Gold Water Lily” is a specific cultivar of water lily known for its golden yellow or yellow-orange colored flowers. Here’s a description of the St. Louis Gold Water Lily:

The St. Louis Gold Water Lily is a stunning aquatic plant with large, showy blooms that float gracefully on the surface of water. It belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae and is a hybrid variety created through careful crossbreeding and selection.

The flowers of the St. Louis Gold Water Lily are characterized by their vibrant golden yellow or yellow-orange hues, which often stand out prominently against the green lily pads and surrounding water. The petals are typically broad and slightly cup-shaped, giving the flower a pleasing and visually striking appearance.

This water lily is known for its ability to thrive in various water conditions, including ponds, lakes, and calm water bodies. It requires full or partial sunlight to grow and typically blooms during the summer months, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to aquatic environments.

The leaves of the St. Louis Gold Water Lily are typically round or oval-shaped and can vary in size, providing a luscious backdrop to the vibrant blooms. The plant forms rhizomes, which anchor it to the substrate and help it absorb nutrients from the water.

Water lilies, including the St. Louis Gold variety, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of aquatic ecosystems. They provide shade and shelter for fish and other aquatic organisms while also helping to oxygenate the water.

Overall, the St. Louis Gold Water Lily is a captivating and resilient water lily cultivar that brings a touch of golden beauty to water gardens, ponds, and other aquatic settings.


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