Mikky Mouse Flower

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Add cheer to your garden with the Mickey Mouse flower plant. Known for its cheerful blooms and easy maintenance, it’s an ideal choice for any outdoor area.

Brighten up your garden with the Mickey Mouse flower plant, known scientifically as Ochna serrulata. This delightful plant is named for its resemblance to Mickey Mouse ears on its dark green leaves and striking yellow flowers that bloom in spring. The Mickey Mouse flower plant is native to southern Africa and thrives in well-drained soil under full sun to partial shade conditions.

Ideal for gardens, borders, and containers, the Mickey Mouse flower plant requires moderate watering and occasional fertilization to encourage healthy growth and continued flowering. Its unique appearance makes it a standout choice for gardeners looking to add whimsy and character to their outdoor spaces.

Attracting bees and butterflies, the Mickey Mouse flower plant also provides nectar for pollinators, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden. Whether you’re creating a themed garden or simply love its playful appearance, the Mickey Mouse flower plant is sure to bring joy and color to your landscape.


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