Arka Kiran Guava (Pera)

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Genus : Gava
Discover the perfect blend of sweetness and aroma with the Arka Kiran Guava Plant. This variety of guava offers juicy and flavorful fruits that are packed with nutrients. Its delectable taste and enticing aroma make it a favorite among guava lovers. Grow this plant in your garden and relish the goodness of fresh, homegrown guavas. Order now and elevate your fruit garden with this exquisite variety!

Arka Kiran is a hybrid variety of guava plant developed by the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research. It is a high-yielding variety known for its disease resistance and is suitable for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions.

The tree is medium to large in size, and can grow up to 6-8 meters in height. The leaves are dark green, glossy and have an oval shape. The flowers are white, fragrant, and have a pinkish tinge. The fruit is large, round and has a yellowish-green color. The flesh is juicy and has a sweet taste. The fruit is usually ready for harvest between October and December.

Arka Kiran guava plants are known for their high tolerance to pests and diseases, making them ideal for commercial cultivation. They are also well-suited for growing in a variety of soil types and require minimal maintenance. The plants are also drought resistant and can tolerate high temperatures.

Arka Kiran guava is considered as one of the best variety for commercial cultivation due to its high yield, disease resistance and good fruit quality. It is known for its high Vitamin C content and is used for making juice, jelly, jam, and pickles.


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